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Month: March, 2012


Mega Millions Lottery

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Diamonds are something of a miracle, it takes about one tone of rock to recover less then half a carat of rough, Making it the rarest and most desired gemstone in the world. Learn about Diamonds with Irelia Fine Jewelry , Set up your appoinment today and learn 619-234-1423
Cut Diamonds with fine proportions, symmetry, and polish optimize their interaction with light and have increased brightness, fire, and scintillation.

Irelia Custom Fine Jewelry

Irelia Fine Jewelry

At Irelia Fine Jewelry we specialize in Custom Fine Jewelry Design. We do all manufacturing in-house, Shown here: From state of the art Cad Design, Wax Model, Cast and the Final Live Jewelry.

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Located at:
2136 Kettner Blvd. #B
San Diego, Ca 92101

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Irelia Fine Jewelry

Kettner Night Fun

Yesterday We Kicked off the Second Friday of March with Little Italy’s Kettner Nights. We had a great night as we greeted new & returning customers as well as friends and family. It was a great night to inform everyone on our new inventory and technology.

Kettner Nights takes place every 2nd Friday every 2nd month, it offers the art & design crowds to mingle with store owners and staff over appetizers and drinks. Be sure to stop by this ever-growing & cool neighborhood with a walk Lined with art, design & antiques on Kettner Blvd & India Street from Grape to Laurel Streets.

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